What to expect in your first class

Jan 11, 2024General News

Starting your martial arts journey can be intimidating, intense, and cause (understandable) anxiety. We hope to put some of your fears to rest, so below we’ve outlined what to expect in your first Jiu-Jitsu class at Chroma.

We recommend showing up 10-15 mins early if possible so you can sign the liability waiver, ask any questions you may have, and get acquainted with the academy. You’ll want to show up in workout-friendly clothing with no hard buttons, zippers, or plastic pieces. This is also a great time to communicate to your instructor any injuries or concerns you may have that could affect your ability to safely train – we’re happy to work with you at any level!

After a brief tour of the facility and getting introduced around, we will explain the rules of the academy – e.g., bowing, safely tapping, and other ways of cultivating mutual respect for the academy and your training partners – and then we’ll get you on the mats for your first class!

At Chroma, we like to make sure you are warmed up before engaging in strenuous activity. Your instructor will run you through some basic movements that are focused on the skills you will pick up in your class. This could be anything from “animal” style line drills (e.g., monkey walks, bear crawls) to more technical Jiu-Jitsu movements like hip outs.

After warmups, we discuss the week’s technique and its proper application. Chroma follows a 25-week rotating curriculum that gives students a well-rounded experience of Jiu-Jitsu and gets them ready to earn a blue belt. You will be assigned a drilling partner to practice the moves on. If the class allows for it you will usually be paired with someone who is more experienced than you to act as a guide and anchor throughout the class. Sometimes we’ll play a game to encourage community-building and break up the monotony of drilling for an hour straight. We like to have fun while learning and games are just that, FUN!

Sparring, aka “Rolling” in Jiu-Jitsu, is usually reserved for the last part of class. This is the time to employ the skills you’ve just learned and cement them in your head. The instructor will tell you what you are trying to accomplish during the sparring session and when to stop. It should be noted here that when rolling with other students at Chroma you almost never use 100% of your strength or speed. People need time to tap, communicate, and stay safe. More intense training sessions are reserved for Competition Class, or Open Mat (when mutually agreed upon).

As class wraps up, you’ll thank your training partner and then line up along the wall by rank with the lower ranked students lining up farther away from the door. This is a good time to re-tie your belt and straighten your uniform. The instructor will make announcements and/or promotions. We then bow to each other and shake hands before moving on to open training or the next class. Congrats on finishing your first class at Chroma!