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At Chroma Jiu Jitsu, we believe that jiu jitsu is for everyone. Our pricing and membership rates reflect our commitment to inclusivity and diversity of our student base. We want to encourage everyone to experience the benefits of martial arts training, and cost should not be a barrier to self-development. Scholarship pricing is available.  

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To show our appreciation for those embarking on this journey with us, we are offering special charter-member pricing for our first 30 members to sign-up. Base membership for these students is only $150/month, and will never increase for the duration of continuous membership. Act quickly, as this opportunity will vanish fast!

Our unlimited training allows you to attend as many classes at your level as you choose. No belt fees, no hidden costs, ever. Memberships renew monthly on the date you choose, with the option to cancel or put on hold at any time (with 30 days notice).

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Damien is a skilled, thoughtful, and caring teacher who is able to adjust to the needs of each individual student, wether teaching adults or children. Anyone training here is in for a life changing adventure with this passionate and tender teacher who’s sole purpose is to help you achieve your full potential.

- Lindsey Newman

I love going to classes with Damien! He takes the time to thoroughly plan out the class along with going through the fine points so that you can really understand why the move of the day is used and improve your overall game. I learn something new every time!
- Adam Martin

I have had the pleasure of taking classes from Professor Damien, his knowledge of Jiu-jitsu and his attention to detail is amazing! He provides a chill humble rolling experience so that all participants can learn and grow! He is also willing to turn up the dial for a competitive style roll as well! I would absolutely recommend and will personally take classes and continue to train at Chroma Jiu-jitsu!

- Phil Sailas (Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt)

I met Professor Cordova back in 2010 when I started on my Jiu Jitsu Journey. We’ve known each other since we were white belts and I have spent countless hours on the mats with him. I am so excited for the Chroma Academy to open and to see him as the owner/head instructor. He’s super technical, safe to train with, and has a ridiculously tight Jiu Jitsu game. Professor Cordova has been instrumental to my growth, and I know his leadership and guidance will help countless others. I’m proud to see Professor Cordova put himself in the position to positively impact others, in all areas of their lives, through the gift of teaching Jiu Jitsu.
- Professor Chris Mayer

I had the great fortune of starting my Jiu Jitsu career at a gym where
Damian was training at in 2014. Already a blue belt and miles ahead of me as a day one while belt, he was always very welcoming and a very positive role model. I wanted to be able to roll as he did and learn more advanced Jiu Jitsu. Overtime Damien was indeed an important mentor and training partner for me and help me grasp a deeper understanding of Jiu Jitsu.

Whether it is coaching kids or adults, Damien’s unique style and ability to transfer knowledge is second to none. I can’t wait to stop in and catch some rolls with Damien when he opens his new academy!!!

- Todd Powers

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